Books by K. L. Moore

A Critical Introduction to the New Testament: Study and Lecture Notes (Henderson, TN: Hester Publications, 2009). 286 pp.

Chapters include:(1) The Divine Origin of the New Testament; (2) The Formation and Transmission of the New Testament; (3) The Canonization, Text and Translation of the New Testament; (4) The Chronology of the New Testament; (5) The Synoptic Problem; (6) The Gospels and Acts; (7) Epistolography and the Writings of Paul; (8) The Pauline Epistles: An Introduction; (9) The Pauline "Itinerant" Epistles; (10) The Pauline "Prison" Epistles; (11) The Pauline "Pastoral" Epistles; (12) The Epistle to the Hebrews; (13) The General Epistles; and (14) The Book of Revelation. Appendices: (1) Questions Concerning the Old Covenant and the Law; (2) The First Missionary Journey: Chronological, Missiological, and Doctrinal Implications; (3) Exegetical Implications of Paul’s Use of "We" Language; (4) Rhetorical Criticism and the Pauline Writings.

Getting to Know the Bible: A Concise Introduction and Study Guide (Winona, MS: Choate Publications, 2002). 117 pp.
Chapters include:  (1) General Introduction to the Bible; (2) Inspiration of the Bible; (3) The Canon of Scripture; (4) The Old and New Covenants; (5) Bible Chronology; (6) The Heart of Bible Study; (7) The Biblical Pattern; (8) Ascertaining the Lord’s Will; (9) The Importance of Context; (10) Bible Study Aids; (11) Notable Distinctions; (12) Divine Regulations and Cultural Conventions; (13) Figurative Language; and (14) Practical Application of the Bible. Appendices: (1) A Brief Synopsis of Each Bible Book; (2) New Testament Chronology; (3) Recommended Study Aids; (4) A Sample Study; and (5) Charts and Maps.

The Single Missionary (Winona, MS: Choate Publications, 2002).  112 pp.
Chapters include:  (1) The Case for the Single Missionary; (2) Called to be a Missionary; (3) Putting the Single Missionary into Perspective; (4) Where Do I Go? Choosing a Mission Field; (5) Raising and Maintaining Support Part 1; (6) Raising and Maintaining Support Part 2; (7) Mission Team or Solo?; (8) Single Women on the Mission Field; (9) Dating on the Mission Field; (10) Coping with the Pressures; (11) Overcoming Obstacles Part 1: Fear and Loneliness; (12) Overcoming Obstacles Part 2: Temptation and Discouragement; and (13) Counting the Cost. Appendix: Sermons on World Evangelism.

We Have No Such Custom: A Critical Analysis of 1 Corinthians 11.2-16 (Wanganui, NZ: By the Author, 1998). 115 pp.

Chapters include: (1) Introduction; (2) The Context of 1 Cor. 11.2-16; (3) Exegesis of the Text; and (4) Conclusion. Appendices: (1) The Meaning of Kephalē; and (2) The Nature of the Covering.


  1. Brother Kevin, I have a question for your consideration. I am teaching on the Eldership where I preach. We are studying the qualifications in hopes of reappointing elders for the congregation. Sunday a question was raised concerning the adult children of a man, if they are unfaithful and living at home with the parents, would that disqualify the man to be appointed as an elder?

    Tim Roland

  2. Hi Mr Kevin! I was wondering if I could buy 2 copies of your book We Have No Such Custom?


  3. Actually I would love a copy of Getting To Know the Bible also, please. :)