Books by K. L. Moore

A Critical Introduction to the New Testament: Study and Lecture Notes (Henderson, TN: Hester Publications, 2009). 286 pp.

Chapters include:(1) The Divine Origin of the New Testament; (2) The Formation and Transmission of the New Testament; (3) The Canonization, Text and Translation of the New Testament; (4) The Chronology of the New Testament; (5) The Synoptic Problem; (6) The Gospels and Acts; (7) Epistolography and the Writings of Paul; (8) The Pauline Epistles: An Introduction; (9) The Pauline "Itinerant" Epistles; (10) The Pauline "Prison" Epistles; (11) The Pauline "Pastoral" Epistles; (12) The Epistle to the Hebrews; (13) The General Epistles; and (14) The Book of Revelation. Appendices: (1) Questions Concerning the Old Covenant and the Law; (2) The First Missionary Journey: Chronological, Missiological, and Doctrinal Implications; (3) Exegetical Implications of Paul’s Use of "We" Language; (4) Rhetorical Criticism and the Pauline Writings.

Getting to Know the Bible: A Concise Introduction and Study Guide (Winona, MS: Choate Publications, 2002). 117 pp.
Chapters include:  (1) General Introduction to the Bible; (2) Inspiration of the Bible; (3) The Canon of Scripture; (4) The Old and New Covenants; (5) Bible Chronology; (6) The Heart of Bible Study; (7) The Biblical Pattern; (8) Ascertaining the Lord’s Will; (9) The Importance of Context; (10) Bible Study Aids; (11) Notable Distinctions; (12) Divine Regulations and Cultural Conventions; (13) Figurative Language; and (14) Practical Application of the Bible. Appendices: (1) A Brief Synopsis of Each Bible Book; (2) New Testament Chronology; (3) Recommended Study Aids; (4) A Sample Study; and (5) Charts and Maps.

The Single Missionary (Winona, MS: Choate Publications, 2002).  112 pp.
Chapters include:  (1) The Case for the Single Missionary; (2) Called to be a Missionary; (3) Putting the Single Missionary into Perspective; (4) Where Do I Go? Choosing a Mission Field; (5) Raising and Maintaining Support Part 1; (6) Raising and Maintaining Support Part 2; (7) Mission Team or Solo?; (8) Single Women on the Mission Field; (9) Dating on the Mission Field; (10) Coping with the Pressures; (11) Overcoming Obstacles Part 1: Fear and Loneliness; (12) Overcoming Obstacles Part 2: Temptation and Discouragement; and (13) Counting the Cost. Appendix: Sermons on World Evangelism.

We Have No Such Custom: A Critical Analysis of 1 Corinthians 11.2-16 (Wanganui, NZ: By the Author, 1998). 115 pp.

Chapters include: (1) Introduction; (2) The Context of 1 Cor. 11.2-16; (3) Exegesis of the Text; and (4) Conclusion. Appendices: (1) The Meaning of Kephalē; and (2) The Nature of the Covering.


  1. Brother Kevin, I have a question for your consideration. I am teaching on the Eldership where I preach. We are studying the qualifications in hopes of reappointing elders for the congregation. Sunday a question was raised concerning the adult children of a man, if they are unfaithful and living at home with the parents, would that disqualify the man to be appointed as an elder?

    Tim Roland

    1. Hi my name Kerwin Byer from Trinidad I am also interested in the response to this question, if possible can you email your response also thank you very much

    2. Kerwin, you need to send me your email address, or you can access the "Moore Articles" section of this blog, under the heading "Elders/Overseers" where this question is addressed.

  2. Hi Mr Kevin! I was wondering if I could buy 2 copies of your book We Have No Such Custom?


  3. Actually I would love a copy of Getting To Know the Bible also, please. :)